Hello, welcome to the OctoShop!

We started Octopus Deploy in 2012 because we've seen the value automation can bring to companies. When teams are able to change applications and roll them into production reliably and with low risk, it changes the nature of the "I.T./business" relationship. A cycle of incremental change and improvement builds trust, and I.T. becomes an enabler for the business, not a cost center.

If you've found this store, you probably use Octopus Deploy more than most. You get how important automation and DevOps practices are - Octopus isn't DevOps in a box, but it's a symbol of the change you're trying to create. And you probably wish the rest of your company understood how transformative what you're doing could be.

Our range of stickers and shirts are designed to help you promote an automation and DevOps culture in your company. Got a DBA standing in the way of automating those database upgrade scripts? DBA's love t-shirts. Is your Ops manager not sure whether Octopus should be used in production? Sneak into the data center and stick some of our cool stickers on the production servers. This shop is the perfect arsenal for your guerilla campaign to automate all the things.

High quality, ethically sourced